Monday, 2 July 2012

Sunday 1st July

Jean Says: Today was a no sailing day because we spotted there was a 'Bluegrass' music festival nearby. We didn't manage to get in until it had almost finished, but that also meant we got in free without having to climb over a fence, and managed to watch the last band. We stayed for a few hours, had ice cream and then J and J took us by car on a whistle stop tour around East Suffolk, including the amazing Framlingham Castle, and to have a look at the entrance to the river Ore, which we're hoping to do on Tuesday. The sand banks shift all the time, which makes it a difficult entrance, but they move the buoys regularly, and once past the bar, it's a long and interesting couple of miles to Orford, where you can either pick up a mooring buoy or anchor. We've had full instructions how to avoid disaster, and been shown what to expect, so we've got no excuses if we end up getting stuck.
Janene and Jules have now gone back to London, which is rather sad after such a fab weekend and we're on our own again. We've had a really enjoyable sociable weekend, and re-learnt the art of communication, all good preparation for re-entry into normal society.
Janene has taught me how to make something called a dongle and I can't wait to spread the word.

Jules, Janene and Bob eating ice cream.

The boys from the New Essex Bluegrass Boys!

The amazing Framlingham Castle

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